Boston Trip To MIT & Harvard

Boston Trip to MIT and Harvard

Twenty one MAST Academy students participated in a week long Engineering Enrichment field trip of Boston from February 2, 2020 til February 8, 2020. The purpose of the trip was to expose, excite and motivate the students to seek careers in various engineering disciplines. Additionally, the trip allow students to meet experts and participate in engineering workshops.


Inspire Students
Students were able to meet and greet experts and industry leaders (and their teams), including Leigh Estabrooks
(Lemelson-MIT), Charlie Saravia (Harvard Management Company), Adam Clansey (Harvard Medical School),
Danielle Backwell (Ribon Therapeutics), and Charles Garcia (entrepreneur).
Advanced Robotics Workshop (MIT Museum)
Students actually built the logic for a a fully autonomous robot. Similar in design parameters to the Roomba
vacuum cleaner, students were required to use the LEGO mindstorms kits and connected sensors to detect when
the robot approached an object or a cliff or had deviated from its assigned path (line on the floor). Students had
to write all the logic code for their robot. All the students were impressed at how well they were able to
achieve this task. The self-confidence they gained from this workshop is one of the reasons for attending this
Design Challenge Workshop (Lemelson-MIT)
Dr. Estabrooks lead the students to build of a simple electric circuit to light up a LED (puzzle based). All of
MAST engineering students just learned circuits analysis. Therefore, they had to apply their knowledge.
Professor Estabrooks teaches Inventing (as a class); and emphasized that MIT students are encouraged to ”think
big” and create products that impact the world. After the workshop, she gave us on a tour of the MIT basement,
where the MIT laboratories. MAST students witness MIT students building their projects.
University Tours
Students were able to visits three top-tier universities in the country for engineering and research: MIT,
Harvard, and Olin. Students were able to get a sense of the differences between the three university education
philosophy. MIT is open university tailoring to both graduate and undergraduate engineers. Harvard is a closed campus, where students work within their discipline areas. Olin is a hands-on project based college experience.
For details and photos see the TRIP REPORT

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