About The Mecha Makos Robotics Team

The Mecha Makos Engineering & Robotics Booster Club is a non-profit corporation that supports the students who participate in the school’s competitive robotics and engineering team at MAST Academy in Miami FL.

The club’s main purpose is to expose MAST students to hands on activities that will prepare them for careers in science and technology, and position them for admission into the top university programs in engineering and science.

Students meet after school in the Engineering room at MAST and participate in competitions during the weekends. Under the instruction of Engineering Teacher, Mr. Allan R. Miller, students design, build and program robots to compete in interscholastic tournaments at the local, state, national and international levels.

MAST is a public school with students from diverse backgrounds. The Booster Club raises funds to purchase robotics and engineering equipment, parts, and supplies; and cover registration, travel and other expenses, so that all students who qualify are able to participate.

Parent-members also participate by planning, chaperoning, and otherwise sponsoring student activities.

Membership is open to all parents, guardians, or any other individual and/or entity interested in assisting the students of MAST Academy who are participating in either the engineering program or the Robotics Club, and interested in promoting STEM education in general.

Team History

In 2017 MAST hosted its first VEX Robotics competition in 3 years and over 20 teams participated. Our own Mecha Makos team took first place and went on to compete at State. We also had two semifinalists and one quarterfinalist team.

In 2016 our FTC 619 team were awarded League Championship winners and first place for PTC design. The team went on to be ranked #2 in Florida out of 146 teams!

In 2015, Mecha Makos VEX team 619a won the SECME state and national robotics competitions.

In their first year, the Mecha Makos won “Rookie Team Of The Year” at the FRC Competition in New Orleans,