International Robotics Honor Society





The MAST Academy Mecha Makos is one of 32 approved membership charters of The REC Foundation’s International Robotics Honor Society (IRHS). Committed to “Recognizing Excellence in Robotics,” the IRHS seeks to identify our most dedicated, accomplished, and well-rounded robotics students in an effort to promote involvement and enthusiasm in robotics and STEM activities. These students not only have stellar academic records and clear devotion to robotics, they are clear leaders committed to strong character and service within their robotics communities and beyond. The IRHS seeks to recognize exemplary students with official recognition for their robotics accomplishments, offering greater incentive for high achieving students to demonstrate their commitment to give back to their communities and improve their robotics environments. 

Founded in 2020, the MAST chapter of the IRHS functions as a student-led extension of the Mecha Makos Robotics Club. Our students have taken the initiative to demonstrate their passion for robotics by further aligning the Mecha Makos with the values of the IRHS and its commitment to service and leadership. IRHS members are carefully vetted through an application process and aim to participate in activities adjacent to Mecha Makos Robotics such as mentorship and club improvements to complement their participation among our teams.