Looking forward to when our Makos can reunite!

Mecha Makos High School Robotics Team

It has definitely been a crazy summer but nothing can keep our Mecha Makos down!  Our students are getting ready to head back to school, at least virtually for now, but our robotics teams haven’t missed a beat over the summer and are more prepared for the competition season than ever.  They have elected their officers and captains, they’re well into their CAD designs, have their parts lists ready and our team coach has already kicked off strategy training.  The teams have met regularly over the summer with our booster club and engineering teachers Mr. Miller and Ms. Moak to discuss adjustments based on the announcements we have seen from VEX and MATE.   While it seems that the first competitions will be virtual and our season will look a little different, we’re prepared for whatever comes next.

Here is what we know about the season so far:

High School Robotics Updates:

  • We kicked off online strategy training classes this week starting with robotics vocabulary & parts recognition.  Next week we’ll focus on game planning & meta analysis, followed in subsequent weeks by documentation & sketches, as well as structure fundamentals.  We’ll get into more advanced topics in future sessions.  These classes are being recorded and will be made available to future club members.
  • We plan to have 4 teams this year but will also welcome students who have an interest in robotics and want to learn more.
  • VEX has announced that there will be greater emphasis on online competitions & skills this year.
  • Notebooks will be even more important to qualify than in prior years.
  • Once in person competitions resume, there will be new rules to limit the number of people in the pits, the size of teams who may physically be present, 1-way traffic, single driver and other safety precautions.
  • Team interviews will be conducted via livestreams and skills challenges will be online.
  • Our high school team is coordinating with our middle school program to help provide coaching.
  • MATE has not yet announced competition updates but kicks off a bit later in the season.

For any questions about the high school robotics program, please contact Mr. Miller, or complete the information request form on this website.

Middle School Robotics Updates:

Mecha Makos Middle School Robotics Team

  • Ms. Moak will not be teaching a robotics class this year as planned, but there will be a club, so any students interested in robotics should inquire about joining the Mecha Makos.
  • Several of the team members from last year plan to continue this year but we still have room for more!
  • VEX has introduced VEX VR which is based on Scratch, played with a virtual robot that the teams program and test with puzzles and games.
  • VEX IQ online skills challenges have already been announced and the season is underway!

For any questions about the middle school robotics program, please contact Ms. Moak, or complete the information request form on this website.

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