Robotics parts are expensive and we need your help!

Order your Poinsettias from us today and a portion of your purchase will be donation to our Mecha Makos team.  Each donation gets them closer to executing on winning designs and the opportunity to represent our Miami community at the State, National and International levels.

Does your company decorate with Poinsettias for the holidays?  Please share this link!  For larger orders we’ll include free delivery.

The Mecha Makos Engineering and Robotics Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) and you may receive a receipt for your donation.


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  • 6 1/2 inch plants: $8 per plant or $75 for 10 plants
  • 8 inch plants:  $14 per plant or $130 for 10 plants


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IMPORTANT:  Only fully paid orders will be placed with the nursery so please don’t miss out!


Prefer to pay by cash or check?  Download the order form at the button below and drop off to the locked Robotics Team mailbox at the office.

Does your company offer a matching gift program?  Check with HR and you may be able to double down on your donation!

Think your company can help a little more?  Please check out our corporate sponsor programs.

Robotics field for Vex Tower Takeover